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wiedermal tests

u_u es hört nicht auf...

The In-depth, Psychological Utena Male Character Quiz

You're Tsuchiya Ruka, who at first glance seems nothing more than an arrogant, self-assured prick who seems hell-bent on doing only what makes you happy. The truth is, though, you're only interested in helping those you love. You're exceedingly self-sacrificing, often pushing yourself to your limits (sometimes endangering your health) in order to try to help others. Unfortunately, no one ever sees what you're really trying to do until it's too late.
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(Ruka? O__ô ohmann, ich hasse ruka... ich mag ihn net T_T)

Which male character from Shoujo Kakumei Utena are you most like? (detailed)

You are Ruka! Fragile and sickly internally, but very majestic and confident externally, you fell in love with an old friend who didn't return those feelings. You're nice when you want to be, but can be a very cold-hearted fellow when people rub you the wrong way.
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(och nöööö net scho wieeda Z___o

Which Revolutionary Girl Utena anime pairing are you?

Awww, you're Jury and Shiori! You are v.cute together, and Jury cares for Shiori deeply - think of the locket! But I think that this relationship is ill fated...
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(höhö... Klischee ole xD)

The In-depth, Psychological Utena Female Character Quiz

You're Juri Arisugawa, unflappable ice queen with the worst possible taste in women. Great disillusionment has jaded you and left you a cynical person who rationalizes everything to a fault. Within your dispassionate shell, you are a wounded and weak soul.
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(schlechter geschmack? O___O uu; das muss ich erstmal verdauen. Ich mein... ist Tori Amos denn hässlich? Oo; *blink*)

You are maroon. You represent cunning stength, but usually a manipulative power evolves from it. You are vengeful and impure, and have nearly lost all hope at become beautiful inside again.

What inner color are you?


Utena Female Personality Quiz

Juri Arisugawa: Nicknamed the "beautiful leopard", you are a wonderful fencer and a strong least on the outside. Somebody seriously hurt you in the past and you've never been able to fully recover. Your lingering regret makes it hard for you to open up with other people, but you'd be a lot happier if you got over it and moved on...I promise.
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(ladies und gentlemen, ein treffer ins schwarze oô)
24.9.06 10:17

bisher 2 Kommentar(e)     TrackBack-URL

Aku / Website (24.9.06 15:36)
Äh... okay. Wer sind Touga und Saionji und was soll ich davon halten?



...Sollte ich Angst vor mir selbst haben? XD

Aku / Website (1.11.06 13:56)
Na gut, dann... machen wir mal weiter. *hust*
Der erste ergibt: Kyouichi Saionji. The world sees you as an aggressive, misanthropic bastard - which you are ...Ja. Und vielleicht stimmt ja auch der Rest. Vielleicht. - Eher nicht. Paranoid bin ich wirklich nicht. Veränderungen hasse ich trotzdem.

Und im nächsten... schließe ich mich an. Ebenfalls Ruka. - Und irgendwie ist mir seine Beschreibung sympathisch. *hust* ...Okay, ja, ich guck mir die Serie noch mal an. ...Irgendwann. Nach PoT oder so.

Der letzte wiederum... irgendso ein RPG-Charakter. Tjaaha. XD

Und dein Video... Genial. Irgendwie genial. *lol* Herrlich.

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